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Zombie Hoard

Microgaming has a hit on its hands with Zombie Hoard. This sufficiently creepy zombie themed slot machine is sure to entertain. It sucks players into a different world and gives them a chance to experience being a zombie. As players act as a typical zombie, collecting as many brains as possible they are earning free spins. This all the motivation most players need. The graphics used in the game are horror themed. The eerie background of the game makes it the perfect setting for zombies. Players will find that the reels are filled with zombies assuming the roles of maids,

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Scatter Brains 2

The original Scatter Brain video slot was produced by Geco Gaming. In response to its success, Playtech bought Geco and then released Scatter Brains 2. Fans of the original game will love its sequel just as much. Though its zombie theme is far from unique, players have embraced the game anyway. The game is set in the streets of a damaged city. The city has endured a chemical spill that led to physical disaster for the area. For that reason, the characters in Scatter Brain 2 are all armed with their own weapon. The characters serve as the main symbols

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The Grand

For anyone who has ever dreamed of living a luxurious life, The Grand is the ideal online slot machine. It uses an art deco theme to transport players into a fantasy world. The game has an old fashioned feel to it, as its set in the 1920s. The glamour of that decade is captured in the game’s theme. One thing The Grand lacks is a strong connection between the game’s theme and its symbols. While the symbols in most slots are very specific to the game, this isn’t the case with The Grand. The symbols seen on the reels are

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Bookie of Odds

Anyone who has played the online slot Book of Ra can also appreciate Bookie of Odds. The game was designed in the same way. The title of the game is a nod to its theme, which is horseracing. Players will even hear the galloping of the horses and the cheering of the fans. This makes the game seem much more realistic. Graphics & Symbols With a soothing blue background, it is easy for players to focus on the reels. Found on those reels are red, purple and blue horses. The wild and scatter symbols in the game are book wilds.

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Pixies of the Forest II

Pixies of the Forest II Slot Game Review IGT had such a hit with the Pixies of the Forest that the company released its sequel. It is set in a magical forest, just as the first one was. The pixies are back to keep entertaining players. The game’s background is an elaborate magical forest. It is accompanied by a soundtrack that adds to the ambience. The reels are filled with images of purple, blonde and brown haired pixies. The Pixie of the Forest II logo is the highest value symbol. The bonus symbol in the game is the Pixie Queen.

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