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Flower Fortunes Megaways

Flowers are effective at cheering most people up. So when players need a mood boost, the Flower Fortunes Megaways online slot may be the answer. The game is different enough from most other slots to stand out in a crowd. Graphics and Symbols A hybrid of video games and slots, Flower Fortunes looks a lot different than what players expect. The background is a calm looking valley Scattered throughout the valley are glowing yellowish-orange flowers. Next to the reels players will see an exceptionally tall flower stem. This becomes important during gameplay. The symbols seen on the reels are stones

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Legend of Loki

Norse mythology is not exactly a new theme for online video slots. Since many players are familiar with the story of Loki, the Legend of Loki slot is something that attracts their attention. For those who aren’t familiar with Loki, he is a legend in Norse mythology, who has a unique ability. As an enigma, at any time he can take the form of a male or a female. This is what the game is based on. Graphics and Symbols The starry night sky behind the reels set in barren land is the backdrop for the game. On the reels

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There are few people who haven’t seen at least one episode of Friends. This iconic TV show now has its own self-titled slot machine game. For fans of the show, it allows them to relive a piece of it. For everyone else, it provides an introduction to one of the TV shows that defined the 1990s. Graphics and Symbols The background players see behind the reels is the NYC skyline on a calm, clear night. In the middle of the screen lies a defined game board. Above the reels is a shot of all six Friends. The reels are filled

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Dragon Shard

Medieval themed slot machines are a dime a dozen. Yet Microgaming managed to grab players’ attention with the online slot Dragon Shard. Unlike most slots, this one adds classical music to serve as its soundtrack. Graphics and Symbols The graphics and symbols used in the game represent medieval times. The two high value symbols seen on the reels are the Ice King and Fire Queen. Other symbols seen on the reels include dragons owned by the Queen and King. The dragons become double stacked on the reels. While Dragon Eyes serve as the game’s scatter symbol, there is also a

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Beavis and Butthead

Every Beavis and Butthead fan owes it to themselves to try the video slot machine that pays homage to it. Even players who never watched the show can find reasons to like the game. Graphics and Symbols Anyone that has ever seen Beavis & Butthead knows the duo watches a lot of TV. Appropriately, the game’s reels are located on a TV screen. All of the graphics used are done in cartoon style. They include Beavis and Butthead as the two main symbols. The boys’ hippy teacher is also one of the symbols. A star is used as the scatter

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