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Raging Storms

There are few routine things to say about the Raging Storms online video slot machine. It combines two themes that aren’t normally used together; superheroes in comic books, and mythology. This unique approach is one of several selling points. Graphics & Symbols Another is the quality of the graphics and symbols seen in the game. The background is set in the cloudy sky on a stormy night. The reels themselves are transparent, so the background becomes more noticeable and adds to the game’s ambience. Four comic book heroes are featured in this game. They use power exuded by the storm

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Wonder Woman Gold

Few superheroes have been as prolific as Wonder Woman is. That’s why she has a series of online and offline video slots, including Wonder Woman Gold. The game is based on her likeness and features characters from the classic TV show. Graphics & Symbols To the left of the reels players will see Lynda Carter’s version of Wonder Woman. The background behind her is filled with stars that look like the one on her uniform. Above the reels are signs for the game’s three jackpots. On the reels are symbols that Wonder Woman fans will quickly recognize. They include both

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Butterfly Staxx 2

The Butterfly Staxx online video slot was so popular with players that Butterfly Staxx 2 was created as a result. The game is a visually appealing experience from the very beginning. It is best suited for players who don’t seek out flashy, adrenaline pumping games. The soundtrack players hear consists of calm, soothing music. Graphics & Symbols The background scene behind the reels is that of a quiet night with many stars shining in the sky. Mountains and a flower filled arch flank either side of the reels. The important symbols on the reels are flowers and even butterflies that

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Queen of the Crystal Rays

Queen of the Crystal Rays is an adventurous online slot machine. This online video slot is set in the queen’s forgotten temple. It brings players into the life of a queen and immerses them in an intriguing fantasy world. Before the game begins, players will see a brief video that explains its premise. During gameplay, players will hear a theme induced music soundtrack. Graphics & Symbols The queen’s temple holds the all important reels. While the temple is dark, it includes blue lights that glow to illuminate the background. On the reels, players will see theme specific symbols such as

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