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The Golden City

The Golden City is an online slot with an Aztec theme. It is set in ancient times and portrays an Aztec civilization. The game takes a serious theme and makes it more appealing to players. Graphics & Symbols This game takes place in a lush, green jungle. On either side of the reels players see animated statues that occasionally blink. Greenery is wrapped around the statues as well. On the reels, the symbols stand out. Gemstones and faces carved into wood are two of the most prominent symbols. They are brightly colored, drawing players’ eyes straight to the reels. The

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Wild Chase: Tokyo Go

Wild Chase: Tokyo Go Wild Chase: Tokyo Go is an online video slot machine sequel to the original Wild Chase game, based on the racing industry. While the original title was set in the United States,the sequel is set in Tokyo and focuses on one of its major past times. Graphics & Symbols Behind the reels players will see a darkened street in Tokyo surrounded by tall and brightly lit buildings. Under the reels, players see a sleek orange Ferrari driving down the street. The reels are filled with symbols of women and men, as well as a geisha, and

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Ghostbusters Plus

Based on the classic 1980s movies, Ghostbusters Plus is a popular online video slot machine. It is not the first slot machine to be based on the movie, but some would say it has the most to offer in terms of graphics and bonuses. Graphics & Symbols Just like the movie, the game is set on the streets of NYC, which serve as the backdrop seen behind the reels. Prominently featured in the background is the headquarters that the Ghostbusters were based in. Players will even see the Ghostbusters car in the background. The most important symbols on the reels

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The Wolf’s Bane

Players are taken back to the 18th century in the online video slot The Wolfe’s Bane. It is set in a village that has come under attack by werewolves. The premise of the game is that the residents of the village have decided to fight back against the werewolves. The nighttime air is punctured by a haunting soundtrack that includes the chatter of the villagers, crows, and other mysterious sounds. Graphics & Symbols Behind the reels players will see the village where the game takes place. It is a dark and dreary place with ancient houses and withering trees. A

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The Price is Right

The iconic TV game show The Price Is Right inspired its own online video slot. Those that grew up watching the show will be able to appreciate this game. It is already popular throughout the world. When the game launches, players hear the classic “Come On Down,” that every contestant hears. This is accompanied by music similar to the show’s theme. Graphics & Symbols The bright blue reels are surrounded by a golden frame that lights up when players get a winning combination. The symbols on the reels are reminiscent of the types of prizes contestants win. These include a

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