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Gods of Olympus Megaways

Gods of Olympus Megaways Review The Gods of Olympus Megaways is a Greek themed online slot that does its best to entice players. It has more action than many other Greek themed games, making it popular with players who seek out titles that offer multiple bonuses and features. Graphics & Symbols The graphics seen in this game are bright and eye catching. They include lit torches and artwork depicting the Greek Gods. Behind the reels players will see the Pantheon. With six reels and five rows, the game features up to 1526 different ways to win. Reels are filled with

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Wings of Riches

Wings of Riches Slot Review For anyone that enjoys nature, the Wings of Riches online video slot is a breath of fresh air. Its whimsical style makes it a soothing way for players to relax and unwind. Graphics & Symbols The first thing players will notice about this slot is its vibrant colors. The background shows an up close view of the greenest grass and colorful leaves. Its reels blend into the background and feature oversized colorful symbols. Players will see the reels filled with ladybugs, fairies, and a beetle, and flowers in assorted colors. As the most important symbols

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The Goonies Jackpot

The Goonies Jackpot Slot Review Most people growing up in the 1980s are familiar with the Goonies. Its overwhelming popularity led to the creation of Blueprint Gaming’s The Goonies, one of their many progressive jackpot titles. Graphics & Symbols Those who have seen the movie will be familiar with many of the game’s graphics. The backdrop of the game is the map that the Goonies referred to throughout the movie. On the reels are symbols that represent the most known facts about the movie. These include pirate ships and flags, a treasure chest, skeletons of One-Eyed Willie, and gold coins

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Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 Slot Review With a built in audience of fans, the Resident Evil 6 online video slot was sure to be a hit. It even includes highlights of the video game characters when players launch the slot. This helps explain its bonus features. Graphics & Symbols Above the reels players will see a screen shot taken directly from the video game. Behind the screen shot and the reels players see a dark blue background. On the reels those who play the video game will recognize the characters used as symbols. Jake, Ada, Leon, and Chris are all animated

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Greek Gods

Greek Gods Slot Game Greek Gods is one of many online video slots with this common theme. The question is whether or not this game presents the theme better than similar games. Graphics & Symbols The game takes place in Olympus, where the Greek Gods were have said to lived. The reels are housed in a Greek temple. Behind the reels players see a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds and Mount Olympus. To the right of the reels is the face of Zeus, who is also one of the game’s symbols. Others include Aphrodite, Hera, golden harps and

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