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Lost Island

Lost Island Slot Game Set on a mysterious piece of land surrounded by water, Lost Island is a unique video slot machine. Players are perplexed by the idea that while half of Lost Island appears perfectly lit, the other half is completely dark. Adding to the ambience is a soundtrack that further contributes to the spookiness of the island. Graphics & Symbols Throughout the island are stone icons and deep pits. Artifacts play a significant part in the game’s background. When it comes to the reels, they are filled with items typically associated with an abandoned island. The most valuable

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Brazil Bomba

Brazil Bomba Slot Game The Rio Carinval is the theme of the online slot Brazil Bomba. It takes all the fun of this event and brings it to players. The game’s sound effects set the mood with upbeat Samba music. Graphics & Symbols The game is set in Rio, on the Copacabana beach at night. Behind the reels players will see Sugarloaf Mountain. To the left of the reels is a feather clad dancer. On the reels players will see symbols such as brightly colored diamonds and drums, in purple, pink, red, green, yellow and blue. The game lacks a

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Cash Pump

Cash Pump Slot Game Review Those who seek out online slots that don’t resemble a typical slot will find that Cash Pump is what they are looking for. The game’s set up means that there are four individual screens, each with their own reels. This greatly increases the level of excitement the game offers and ups the stakes on the amount of money players can win. The game is also a little more exciting thanks to the guitar music that plays in the background. Graphics & Symbols Cash Pump is a racing themed game set on a deserted highway. The

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