Full Moon Romance


Anyone who’s a sucker for romance will likely enjoy the online slot machine game Full Moon Romance. The premise of the game is a 1950s make-out location for lust driven teenagers in Victoria, England. The main characters in the game are Rosie and Jack, the couple making out under the night sky.


The first thing players will notice when they launch the game is that Rosie and Jack are sitting in a parked car at a drive-in movie theater. Players will also see the sun going down in preparation for the viewing of the moon.

Game Symbols

The symbols seen on the reels include Rosie and Jack, who are depicted in a 1950’s style dress and a red and yellow varsity jacket, respectively. Jack carries with him a handful of pink roses to give to his love. The two appear as separate symbols and as one symbol referred to as the sweetheart. There is also a symbol of Jack’s flowers and one of the necklaces Rosie is wearing.  In some cases, all three of Jack and Rosie’s symbols become connect to become one stacked symbol.

A glowing full moon and a Tudor rose serve as the game’s scatter symbols while Lady Rose and a golden box serve as wild symbols in the game.

Bonus Features/Rounds

When players get three or more of the moon scatter symbol on the reels at once they win free spins. Three moons get them 10 free spins while four gets them 15 and five gets them 20 spins for free.

When the stacked sweetheart symbol that includes both Rosie and Jack lands on the first reel, it triggers the game’s clone feature. As many as four more stacked symbols are then added to the reels, often leading to large winnings for players.


While Full Moon Romance is not an overly complicated game, it is one that goes deeper into its subject matter than most other slot machines do. The game tells the story of two young people in love and the obstacles they face as a result. In this sense, it provides more entertainment than just simply spinning the reels and repeatedly hoping for a win. Anyone who is a hopeless romantic can enjoy and appreciate this game on a deeper level than one would typically expect from a slot machine.

Many 1950s themed slots are based on TV shows or movies of the time, but Full Moon Romance breaks the mold by telling a love story in an unconventional way. As you play the game you may find yourself rooting for Rosie and Jack. This can help make the game more of an escape for you than it may be otherwise.

The graphics and bonuses included in this game are just right to please your average slot machine player. While they aren’t overly fancy, they are fun to experience for yourself. You may even find that on some level the game relaxes you. It might even bring out a romantic side of you that you may have fallen out of touch with.

If you are in love or ever have been, Full Moon Romance is likely to strike a chord with you. Its charming theme is one that you won’t find in a ton of other slot machines and this puts it miles ahead of games with more traditional themes.