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How Online Slots Work & Benefits of Playing Them

The slot industry is booming with new games being constantly released, each with its own rules, theme, and prizes. Some people assume that slots are easy to create, but this thriving industry uses complex software that improves with every new development.

In this article, we will be breaking down the process of slot releases and how engaging with slots can be beneficial to you.

The Explosion of Online Slots

In 1994, the Free Trade and Processing Act was passed, which allowed online casinos to become available. Microgaming, now a developer giant, is regarded as one of the early pioneers of slots, as they developed one of the earliest pieces of online casino software.

Following the success of Microgaming, countless slot developers have followed suit and created their own unique slots. This constant, growing competition has meant that developers are consistently trying to upstage each other and provide the best playing experience for you. Every week, they are releasing new games to provide a world of innovative options to choose from.

According to Statista, the online slot market is predicted to reach $94.4 billion by 2024. They also claimed that slot games now make up roughly 30% of all casino revenue.

Slot Game Themes

In this industry, there truly is a slot game for everyone to be excited about. Here are some of the themes you can expect to find, along with some slot examples:

  • Musician/band themed slots – KISS by Play N Go
  • Mythology-themed slots – Book of King Arthur by MicroGaming
  • NFT-themed slots – NFT Megaways by Red Tiger Gaming
  • Seasonal slots – Easter Eggs by Play N Go
  • Movie-themed slots – Gladiator by Playtech

The Variety of Slot Game Designs

Recently, slot developers have included Live Dealers in their online casinos. This has appealed to many slotters as it gives the effect of being in a real-life casino, yet players can still enjoy the comfort of their own homes.

Many companies are also attempting to implement Virtual Reality into their slots, which completely changes the industry. With these slots, you would be able to use a Virtual Reality headset whilst playing, and it would look and sound completely real. This development will make the games far more engaging and less artificial.

Here are some of the main slot designs available today:

Video Slots – these slots have a strong theme, usually accompanied by lots of enticing bonus features that will keep you engaged for a long time.

3-reel Slots – originally, the slots usually had 3 reels, so there are not many games with this design now. Some developers have successfully put out slots with 3 reels recently, and this is likely because it is a familiar design to long-time slot players.

5-reel Slots – this is the current industry standard, so slotters tend to be very comfortable with this set-up. Compared to 3-reels, the 5-reel slots allow for a much higher number of pay lines and extra features for the player to enjoy.

Fixed/Variable Paylines – slot games will either use fixed or variable paylines. Variable means that players must raise their bet to activate more paylines. So, if you placed a low bet, you would only be able to access one or a few of the paylines.

With Fixed paylines (which are currently more popular), the slot will arrive with all the paylines activated for the player, no matter how high or low their bet is. This gives the player more chances to win prizes, without having to place a high stake.

Megaways – this is a 2016 development that is highly popular in the online slot community. These slots are famous for giving the player over 100,000 different ways to win. The Megaways mechanic works by changing the number of symbols on the reels after every spin, which provides more combinations and winning opportunities. Megaways slots are regularly used by popular developers like NetEnt and Blueprint Gaming.

Cluster Pays – instead of the usual slot reels, this design uses a game grid, much like the one in Candy Crush. Slotters can create winning combinations by matching symbols on the grid. After a win has been scored, symbols are removed from the grid, allowing new ones to fall into their place for more winning options.

Benefits of Playing Slot Games

  1. Entertainment – by playing in moderation, slots can be an uplifting at-home hobby. Slot games are designed to entertain you; they are colourfully designed, use catchy background music, and immersive worlds to get lost in.
  2. Cash Rewards – unlike other games, you can receive cash payouts just by using slots regularly. Online betting wins can help you pay your bills, spoil yourself, or even add to your savings, just from playing a game!
  3. Constantly Evolving Industry – because it is all online-based, the slot industry is improving every day, which is only good news for you. It’s difficult to become bored when developers are regularly releasing better software and more artistic designs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, now is the best time to get involved in the online slot community thanks to the sheer variety of designs and the cash opportunities that come with them!

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