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Lucky U

Lucky U is a simple online slot machine that doesn’t exactly stand out. The U refers to a horseshoe players see above the reels. However, the game has no clearly defined theme. It uses Egyptian symbols but really has nothing to do with the country. Graphics and Symbols Neither the graphics or symbols in this game are particularly extraordinary. A light blue makes up the background while the reels are portrayed as silver colored. The symbols seen on the reels are an Inca mask, purple hearts, a lion mask, pyramid and buffalo. A stacked horseshoe is the game’s scatter symbol

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Cascading Cave

Deep underground, players can escape to Cascading Cave. This explosive video slot machine is every cave dwellers dream. Its a dark look at a world most people aren’t familiar with. Its mining theme is not one that most other slot machines tackle. Graphics & Symbols The reels are set in a cave and hanging from a wooden rafter. There are lanterns on each side of the reels and a rope to hold it up. The top of the reels are lined with crystal blue diamonds. On the reels are a donkey, pickaxe, and a lamp. It also contains gems in

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Lucky Lanes

Lucky Lanes is not presented like the typical slot machine. Found at select online casinos, the game is designed for those who love to drive. It takes a unique approach to slots that other games don’t. Graphics and Symbols Set on a three lane highway, Lucky Lanes lacks traditional reels. Instead, players see three rows of three vehicles each. For every spin, the vehicles travel a certain distance. Each vehicle is a different symbol in the game. They include a police car, tractor, cab and dollar car. The dollar car is the game’s highest paying symbol. A hazard sign is

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Ravens Eye

The fantasy world of a traditional Norse fairy tale is the chosen theme for Ravens Eye. With a dash of mystery thrown in, this multifaceted video slot is sure to entertain. Graphics & Symbols The background that players see beyond the reels is a relaxing, calm garden complete with a shed and some beautiful pink flowers. The reels themselves are set in stone and surrounded by a temple portico. The main symbols on the reels are round symbols that appear to resemble bowling balls. Those symbols represent air, nature, water, earth, and fire. However, the two symbols in the game

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Bier Fest

Set in Germany, Bier Fest is an animated video slot machine that appeals to those who enjoy a good beer. Its simple layout makes it a game that’s easy to get lost in. Graphics and Symbols The reels are held inside a wooden wagon acting as a beer cart. Each symbol on the reels is affixed in a beer barrel. Whenever players spin the reels the barrels all disappear and are replaced by new ones. Aside from the traditional symbols, the reels also contain a woman playing an accordion, and another woman holding a tray of french fries and hot

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