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Dragon Shard

Medieval themed slot machines are a dime a dozen. Yet Microgaming managed to grab players’ attention with the online slot Dragon Shard. Unlike most slots, this one adds classical music to serve as its soundtrack. Graphics and Symbols The graphics and symbols used in the game represent medieval times. The two high value symbols seen on the reels are the Ice King and Fire Queen. Other symbols seen on the reels include dragons owned by the Queen and King. The dragons become double stacked on the reels. While Dragon Eyes serve as the game’s scatter symbol, there is also a

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Beavis and Butthead

Every Beavis and Butthead fan owes it to themselves to try the video slot machine that pays homage to it. Even players who never watched the show can find reasons to like the game. Graphics and Symbols Anyone that has ever seen Beavis & Butthead knows the duo watches a lot of TV. Appropriately, the game’s reels are located on a TV screen. All of the graphics used are done in cartoon style. They include Beavis and Butthead as the two main symbols. The boys’ hippy teacher is also one of the symbols. A star is used as the scatter

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Dragon Warrior

Chinese culture is a theme commonly found in online slot machines. Dragon Warrior is no exception to this. Set in ancient times, the game is a way for players to learn about history. Graphics and Symbols One of the exceptional aspects of Dragon Warrior is its graphics and background scene. The game is set in a Chinese city and the details in the graphics are extremely detailed. The cityscape is complete with an eye-catching palace, impressive dragon statues and a building topped off with a pagoda roof. The reels are housed around a carved frame that can only be described

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AP McCoy Sporting Legends

AP McCoy is a legend in horse racing. He is one of many to be featured in Playtech’s Sporting Legends series of online slots. These slots are much different than what players are normally used to. They have played a large part in growing the fan base for slot machines, as sports fans now have something to look forward to. Graphics and Videos There are no traditional symbols or reels in this unusual slot. Instead, players have a game wheel to spin, similar to what one would see on Wheel of Fortune. McCoy himself stands to the left of the

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Lady of Avalon

The Lady of Avalon online slot is set on an island of the same name. Avalon Island is said to be the home of its goddess. Based on the theme of Camelot, Book of Ra players will find that this game has a similar feel. Graphics and Symbols The dark backdrop of the game is accentuated with some prominent looking trees and foliage. Players see the Shore of Avalon Island in the background. The game’s animation quality means that the trees are swaying in the breeze, adding a calming touch to the Lady of Avalon experience. While the Lady of

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