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Lucky Lanes

Lucky Lanes is not presented like the typical slot machine. Found at select online casinos, the game is designed for those who love to drive. It takes a unique approach to slots that other games don’t. Graphics and Symbols Set on a three lane highway, Lucky Lanes lacks traditional reels. Instead, players see three rows of three vehicles each. For every spin, the vehicles travel a certain distance. Each vehicle is a different symbol in the game. They include a police car, tractor, cab and dollar car. The dollar car is the game’s highest paying symbol. A hazard sign is

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There are few people who haven’t seen at least one episode of Friends. This iconic TV show now has its own self-titled slot machine game. For fans of the show, it allows them to relive a piece of it. For everyone else, it provides an introduction to one of the TV shows that defined the 1990s. Graphics and Symbols The background players see behind the reels is the NYC skyline on a calm, clear night. In the middle of the screen lies a defined game board. Above the reels is a shot of all six Friends. The reels are filled

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Monopoly Grand Hotel

Everyone is familiar with Monopoly. Due to its longevity and overwhelming popularity, the board game has inspired many video slot machines, found at both online and land-based casinos. This includes WMS Gaming’s Monopoly Grand Hotel, which is an online progressive jackpot slot. Graphics and Symbols Players will recognize the familiar hotel and house icons, which are used as scatter symbols in the game. There is also a special bonus scatter represented by the game board’s famous “Go” space. Other symbols seen on the reels include dice, a Rolls Royce, a private jet and a yacht. The bonus symbols are the

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Zeus God of Thunder

Few online video slots are as successful as Zeus God of Thunder has been. WMS had a huge hit on their hands with the original Zeus game. As a result, they followed it up with God of Thunder. Its 30 pay lines exceed the number of pay lines in the original version of the game. Graphics and Symbols The theme of God of Thunder is an Ancient Greece theme. The symbols seen on the reels support this. They include Zeus (the top paying symbol,) along with objects and animals such as an amphora, a lion, a vase, an eagle, a

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Spartacus Legendary Warrior

Players that love Roman themed slot machines are sure to enjoy Spartacus: Legendary Warrior. Those that enjoyed Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome will likely enjoy this game just as much. Graphics and Symbols Accompanying the typical heart, club, spade and diamond symbols are symbols reflective of the theme. These include lions, axes, shields, chariots and helmets. The game’s logo serves as its wild symbol and the Roman Colosseum is its scatter. Play Spartacus Legendary Warrior for free Bonus Features The main bonus feature in Legendary Warrior is free spins. It is broken up into three different features that

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