Why Play Live Casino?


Nowadays, online casinos have become the main attraction of gamble loving populace. And still, its popularity is gaining new heights of excellence. Now, players like you don’t need to travel far to reach a physical casino for playing their adorned gaming variant. Besides, for those players, who love to indulge in table games, a vast selection is also available online.

Factors Behind The Rising Popularity Of Live Casino Games

Playing live dealer games now have become sizzling trends. Showing contradiction to the RNG or random number generator games, live casino games will offer you opportunities to meet real-life dealers while playing.

There are many considerable factors behind the increasing popularity of online live casino games. No matter where you are if you have a screen to play, attached with a sturdy internet connection, you can take part in the gaming session. And, it is also a fact that playing normal online casino games can never substitute the level of tension and thrill what live dealer game can bestow you with.

In this article, we will unveil all the functional factors behind the growing fame of live casino games.

Live Dealer Games Present an Authentic Gaming Ambiance

Live dealer games are designed in a way that players can experience and enjoy the same thrill of the land-based casinos. Besides, the plus point is, you don’t need to physically visit a casino, and can play from anywhere you want.

While offering a state-of-the-art design in live casino games, tables are always set up to replicate the authentic commercial casino ambiance.

There are strategically placed high tech cameras around the gaming table, which captures all the gaming action happening during the gaming rounds. Generally, in studio-based casinos, there are three different camera angles.

  1. One wide-angle camera is placed in front of the gaming table, the dealer, and the backdrop.
  2. The second camera takes the dealer directly into focus.
  3. For capturing all the action of the table, the 3rd camera is zoomed on it.

Because of these three different camera settings, players can view the entire gaming process. Besides, the built-in optical character recognition setting of the camera helps players to track the gaming process more minutely.

The casino cameras normally record the footage at 200fps, even captures the card shuffling or landing of roulette balls perfectly.

Most Adorned Table Games are Available

  1. Live Poker

You will agree that poker is one intense game, and that’s the reason we all love it. Live casino pokers comprise all the tensions available at the classical game. Besides, most of the renowned live casinos contain multiple live poker variants. Examples of few popular variants are Three Card Stud, Casino Hold’em, and Texas Hold’em.

In a few poker games, players also enjoy chances of defeating the dealer with progressive jackpots and several super side bets. Along with it, you don’t have to endure the noises of a land-based casino and unwanted tipping.

  1. Baccarat

If we can visit Monte Carlo for enjoying a game of baccarat with the high rollers, it would be great. However, the fact is, it is not that easy to happen. But, with live casino baccarat, you don’t need to move from your desk a bit. Cause, there are many quality live dealer baccarat games that brag with exciting bonuses and multi-tier progressive jackpot.

  1. Roulette

If you love to rely on anticipations, the game of roulette is yours. Modern live dealers roulette games offer a completely immersive experience while playing. While the ball is spinning, you can see and hear it expediently with minute detail. Besides, online live platforms often offer European and American roulette variants both.

Expedient Mobile Experience

For a shorter period, punters who love to gamble from mobile phones were away from the online live casino revolution. But, since its inception, technology has been showing continuous growth. Hence, mobile phone compatibility of online live dealer games has become a common phenomenon.

Now, online players can join the live gaming action from their mobile devices, just by visiting their proffered online casino. And, most of the mobile-based casino application comprises all the attributes available at their desktop-based counterparts.

Enhanced Dealer Interaction

The conversation is an art, which is also appreciated by the game players present at the land-based casino table. Hence, if the online live casino game overlooks this aspect, it would be a massive drawback. However, in online live games, though you are not sitting in front of a live dealer, you can have interactive gaming experience.

Via a chatbox, online live players can connect and converse with the live dealers. If players place a query, it will be visible on a large screen, and they respond to that as soon as possible.

Players can also interact with other players parting in the game, which makes the ambiance more enjoyable and similar to real casinos.

Comp Awards

While playing live online casino games, more likely, you will see yourself being rewarded with different comp points. These comp points are always given based on your wagered amount. When you have enough of those points, you can redeem them for playing credits. In most of the online casinos, these redeemable comp points are saved up in player’s loyalty club accounts.

Gaming is Available for 24×7

This is the most intriguing advantage of playing live gambling games online. If you are unable to find out a specific time frame for designating only for gambling, there’s no need to be upset, since online gaming is available for you all around the clock. Gaming galleries are always active, where you will be welcomed by live dealers with bright smiling faces anytime.

Overall Thoughts on Live Casino

Live online games are the amalgamation of land-based gaming and online gambling. These live games are always more authentic than computer-generated gaming variants. Besides, game developers are still working day and night on an endeavor of bringing the casino in front of your home couches. Hence, if you have an internet connection with a little risk-taking mentality, an exciting casino experience is easily obtainable just by few clicks.