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As one of the most popular casino games ever, Blackjack has found a home at many online casinos. It is the table game of choice for most gamblers around the world. One reason that online Blackjack has been so successful is that the house edge is much lower at online casinos than their land based counterparts.

Another reason for its growing success is that playing Blackjack online is more fast paced than playing it offline. For many gamblers, this is a welcome relief from the distraction of public casinos. While it means sacrificing being able to communicate with the dealer, some gamblers see that as a good thing because it puts less pressure on them, helping them relax and make better and more profitable decisions throughout the course of the game.

Some of the versions of Blackjack that are best played online include Single Deck and Vegas Strip Blackjack. Single Deck Blackjack is the simplest version of the game and the one beginners often start off with. With low bet limits Single Deck Blackjack makes it easy for players to practice and perfect their game strategy. Vegas Strip Blackjack mimics a typical game of Blackjack played at any Las Vegas casino, making it a satisfying experience for players who don’t wish to leave home. Blackjack Surrender is also a version of the game that is often played online because it gives the option of surrendering a bad hand to allow players to still keep half of the bet they placed. When players use a proper strategy for this version of the game they often participate in five hands at a time, increasing their chances of winning.

For those who want to play Blackjack online but would prefer to be able to see and interact with their dealer many newer online casinos have a live section where players can do just that. The way these live dealer games work is that streaming video is broadcast to online casino players in real time. When there is a break in game play those who just joined the table can place their bets. After everyone’s bet has been placed, the dealer will give the signal that means no more bets can be made and pulls the cards out. Players then see the cards on their screen and they proceed to play their hand. Each players’ wins and losses are recorded digitally. Live dealer games allow players to count cards while standard games of online Blackjack do not allow players to do so.

The basic strategy for any game of online Blackjack is to determine how likely it is that a player will be able to get a hand worth 21 but no more. This decision must be based on the cards that have already been presented to players on the game table. Blackjack experts advise online players not to accept the game’s insurance unless they are a professional. Side bets such as insurance often don’t pay off for less experienced players.

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