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Find your online slot game with Slot Games UK

Slot Game play is one of the most popular casino entertainment forms available today. From the bright lights of a Las Vegas Casino offering huge titles such as Cleopatra through to penny slot machines and you’re often spoilt for choice. So if you’re looking for Slot Games in the UK, or anywhere in the world, search our extensive library of over 2,000 titles for free.

New Slots and Video Slot Games are added daily to Slot Games UK. Play hit titles that have been based on their land based counterpart such as Da Vinci Diamonds to online hits based on your favourite TV shows like the Peaky Blinders slot and more.

What are Slot Games?

Anyone that understands the general concept of gambling will have at one time heard about online slot games. Online slot games are the more technologically advanced cousin of the age old one arm bandits. They’ve just come a long way since!  You can now choose from many different totally FREE to play 3-reel, 5-reel slot games along with 25 or 30 paylines. Slot Games, online slot games, pokies (in Australia generally), all have the same fundamental principle. Match as many symbols as you can.

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These days online slot games are a lot more beneficial to the user than the traditional slot games due to the amount of ways you can win. Instead of just a three reel, match three symbols to win; you can now win by matching diagonal symbols, a number of symbols on the viewable screen. All of which relate to the paylines; a payline being the line that follows your matching symbols. The chances are, that if you’re new to slots, you’ve been considering playing on them for a while but are a bit cautious about the playing strategy. Or more often than not, the lack of playing strategy. The usual questions crop up, such as: Does anyone actually really win? Are slots fixed, etc. Yes, people do win at slots, and often large amounts. And to alleviate any concern, if an online casino carries a licence then the slot games will not be fixed. Essentially any operator that fixes a slot game would lose their licence, and this would bar them from operating in that country. You can read more about licences on our casino licences page.

Why Play Slot Games

In their very basic form, slot game play offers a first class form of entertainment. Not only can you play big name and familiar branded games, you can also win money in the process. The games on offer by the numerous casino providers vary greatly and can offer features such as 243 ways to win, through to integrated jackpot features. It is not uncommon for a single spin of just £0.20p to win a jackpot of £30,000 plus. Not to mention the Mega Jackpots that can have jackpot totals in the millions due to being part of a network. All the slots featured on our site have large, animated reels with exciting bonus rounds. The online casino providers of these slot games ensure they are packed full of colourful graphics and impressive slot machine sounds and soundtracks to make your playing experience as realistic as possible. Slots are perhaps the most important part of any online casino, as they are nearly always the most prevalent type of game found on them. With so many different slot types to choose from though, from so many different slot providers, how does a new entrant into the world of online casinos go about choosing the best slot for them? Reading this article will hopefully make things a little bit clearer…

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