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Julie Wein has contributed a significant amount of the content and reviews you’ll read through on Slot UK. Coming from a journalistic background, the passion and enthusiasm, coupled with a keen interest in Slot Games gives the team a wealth of information. Based in Brooklyn, New York in the US, Missy obtained her degree at Towson University at the age of 22 and has worked for a number of well known companies including Macy’s and Disney.

Lost Island

Lost Island Slot Game Set on a mysterious piece of land surrounded by water, Lost Island is a unique video slot machine. Players are perplexed by the idea that while half of Lost Island appears perfectly lit, the other half is completely dark. Adding to the ambience is a soundtrack that further contributes to the spookiness of the island. Graphics & Symbols Throughout the island are stone icons and deep pits. Artifacts play a significant part in the game’s background. When it comes to the reels, they are filled with items typically associated with an abandoned island. The most valuable

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Skulls Up

Skulls Up Slot Review Skulls Up is not a typical pirate themed online slot. It looks different from others that use the same theme, much of which is because of the unusual layout of the reels. With five reels and three rows, the game easily fits onto smaller screens. Graphics & Symbols The graphics in the game were designed cartoon style. The background behind the reels features a beach with refreshingly bluish green water and palm leaves on both sides of the reels. Players can see a beach chair to the left of the reels, shaped like a hollowed out

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Greek Gods

Greek Gods Slot Game Greek Gods is one of many online video slots with this common theme. The question is whether or not this game presents the theme better than similar games. Graphics & Symbols The game takes place in Olympus, where the Greek Gods were have said to lived. The reels are housed in a Greek temple. Behind the reels players see a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds and Mount Olympus. To the right of the reels is the face of Zeus, who is also one of the game’s symbols. Others include Aphrodite, Hera, golden harps and

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Wild Tome of the Woods

Wild Tome of the Woods Slot Review Greek mythology is a commonly used theme in the online slot machine industry. Some slots are also based on novels. In the case of Wild Tome of the Woods, its theme is a combination of novels and Greek mythology. However, none of it was inspired by anything true. Instead, the game’s manufacturer, Quickspin, created its own fairy tale. The game is based on the story of Tom,a reclusive wizard who thinks of nothing but making the objects around him turn into gold. With enemies attempting to steal the gold, Tom joins forces with

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Twin Happiness

Twin Happiness Slot Review Twin Happiness is a simple but fun and colourful online video slot machine. Its stimulating colours are designed to inspire happiness in players before they even try their luck at the game. Graphics & Symbols The dark red background behind the reels emits a quit burst of energy to players while they are engaged in Twin Happiness. The pair of reels give Twin Happiness its name. Every time players spin the reels they will see that anywhere from two to five of the reels are identical. Players will see the same symbols in the same places

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