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The Slot Game team at report on and bring you the latest games from across the internet. Anything from the mighty Cleopatra to the thrills of Iron Man. To stay up to date, you can follow the team on your social media platforms.

Lady of Avalon

The Lady of Avalon online slot is set on an island of the same name. Avalon Island is said to be the home of its goddess. Based on the theme of Camelot, Book of Ra players will find that this game has a similar feel. Graphics and Symbols The dark backdrop of the game is accentuated with some prominent looking trees and foliage. Players see the Shore of Avalon Island in the background. The game’s animation quality means that the trees are swaying in the breeze, adding a calming touch to the Lady of Avalon experience. While the Lady of

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Arcane Reel Chaos

There are many dystopian themed novels, but few dystopian slot machines. Arcane Reel Chas breaks the mold. The game is set in a city where a madman is possessed and is terrorizing its residents. This sets the mood for the game and lures players in. Graphics and Symbols The graphics, background and symbols in this game are presented as a graphic novel would be. It takes a very dark approach to the genre. The reels are filled with characters that are intriguing to players. The main symbols on the reels are the game’s four magicians: Psyop, Flare, Xero X and

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It’s Magic

Everyone loves a good fairytale. Online slot machine players can find that in IGT’s It’s Magic. The characters in the game are straight out of a fairytale, as are most other aspects of it. Graphics and Symbols The graphics used in this game are quite detailed. Its backdrop is that of a night sky filled with stars. Players will also see lush trees and a castle in the distance. The symbols on the reels include Lily the Magician, two cats and a monkey. One is a gorgeous female cat with long eyelashes and the other is a gentle tabby cat.

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