Wednesday, January 13, 2021
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Slot machine games have always been popular with gamblers, both online and offline. Each year, certain slots rise above others to become the most popular. For 2020, the prediction is that several new high-profile slots will prove to be the year’s best.

This includes a slot called Wild Respin. For those who seek out retro games, it may be the year’s best choice. The game is already known for the huge wins it has the potential to pay out. Its main bonus feature, the re-spin, is one that has proven popular with players in the past. The two bonus modes triggered by the re-spin feature also help to expand its popularity. With its wild and scatter symbiols it manages to draw in younger players that are often turned off by the idea of fruit machines.

Having already enjoyed quite a bit of success, Big Red is another game predicted to be popular throughout 2020. The main reason for this slot’s soaring popularity is that its range of bets means that almost anyone’s bankroll can afford it. This often important to players that want to test the waters. Its availability at both online and land based casinos is expected to cocntribute to its popularity. Players love to be able to try a game at home, in demo mode, before deciding if it is a wise investment of their rea money.

Party Time is a retro slot, not entirely unlike Wild Respin. Its lack of standard paylines means there are more opportunities to win. Not surprisingly, this is part of what makes it so popular and one of the reasons it is predicted that it will be among the year’s best.

Japanese themed slots have always proven to be a hot commodity. As a result, it is not surprising that the online slot Katana is another of the year’s most anticipated. As players grow hungry for big wins, slots like Katana can offer just that. It presents the Japanese theme in a retro style, making it a hit with older and more experienced players. Its ability to make players feel like they are assuming the role of a Samuri warrior is no doubt part of its appeal. The game’s fighting aspect pleases younger players because they liken it to the video games they grew up playing.

These are just a few of the slot machine titles that are expected to be much loved and played in 2020. They show that today’s slots players are looking to do more than just watch reels spin in front of them. The popularity of each game is predicted to rise quickly.

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