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Hugo’s Adventure

Hugo's Adventure Slot Game Review Swedish TV viewers may remember a colorful cartoon character named Hugo. The popularity of the show led to the creation of a series of online slot machine games with Hugo as the main character. The fourth release in the series is Hugo’s Adventure. This title has more to offer than its three successors. It follows the antics of Hugo and his animal friends. Graphics & Symbols All of the animation in this game was done in cartoon style, as homage to the TV show that inspired it. It takes place on Hugo’s submarine, which he

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Giant Grizzly

Giant Grizzly Slot Game Review Giant Grizzly is an online slot machine game that takes place in the USA’s Northern Mountains. Though its theme is not completely original, it is not overused either. The game captures the quiet feel of any mountain range. Sound Effects, Graphics & Symbols When players start the game they will hear the sound effects of the drums and pipes often used in Indian music. The scene behind the reels depicts a sprawling green valley complete with totems. The reels are transparent so as not to take away from the background effects. The game lacks fixed

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Dork the Dragon Slayer

Dork the Dragon Slayer Slot Review Dork the Dragon Slayer is an online video slot machine about a Knight. His mission is to fight off dragons in his quest to rescue the kingdom’s princess. Its medieval theme is one that resonates with players. The game includes theme appropriate music that helps set the mood. Graphics & Symbols As the game opens, players see an arena where jousting takes place. In front of this scene lies the translucent reels. To the left of the reels is a pole with three dragons on it. On the reels are lances, sunset and coloured

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Tweet Hearts

Tweet Hearts Slot Game Review Tweethearts is an online video slot machine quite unlike most others. Its uniqueness lies in its modern day theme, presented in an exotic style. The game is set on a tropical island populated by lovebirds. These birds are embroiled in a quest to help lovers find each other. Graphics & Symbols The island is the backdrop seen behind the reels. All of the standard symbols players see on the reels sometimes appear doubled. The highest paying symbols in the game are the various birds. In addition, Tweethearts boasts three distinct wild symbols. One is regular,

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Jumbo Stampede

Jumbo Stampede Slot Game Review The online video slot machine Jumbo Stampede is very similar to Raging Rhino, a big hit at casinos across the country. Its African Savannah theme is one that players often enjoy. The theme is reflected in the game’s symbols and bonus features. Graphics & Symbols The background scene behind the reels is a plot of land in the African jungle. Of all the animal themed symbols on the reels, the one with the highest value is the elephant, whose name is Jumbo. Other animals seen on the reels are a gazelle, rhino, zebra, and leopard.

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