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Imperial Riches

Imperial Riches Slot Game With a classic Asian theme, the Imperial Riches online video slot machine joins the ranks of so many others. It was designed specifically with Chinese and Japanese players in mind. Graphics & Symbols The game is set in a garden that includes a pond stocked with Koi fish. Its soundtrack features calm and relaxing music that is appealing to stressed out players. Along with the traditional symbols, the reels also include symbols of ingots, bamboo plants, gold coins and a golden fish, which is the most valuable symbol in the game. A gong serves as the

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Kingdoms Rise: Sands of Fury

Kingdoms Rise: Sands of Fury is one of three games in a series. The other two are Forbidden Forest and Guardians of the Abyss. As a fantasy series, each individual title takes own its own separate setting. Sands of Fury got its name partly because it takes place in the desert. Graphics and Symbols The background scene behind the reels are ancient temples and ruins. Sand and dust are seen below and around the reels. Above the five reels are statues of various animals and Gods. The symbols seen on the reels include a crocodile, Medusa, the wild symbol and

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Hot Spin

Hot Spin is a unique online video slot that combines classic with modern day gameplay. As a result, it may appeal to a wide range of players. The game was created so that it can be accessed on mobile devices, as this is how most younger players are used to accessing their favorite slots. Graphics and Symbols This slot does not look like most. The bottom is an old-fashioned classic slot machine while the top is a modern day wheel, similar to what players would see on the Wheel of Fortune. The background behind is simply a red board. The

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Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest

One of a trilogy, the Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest online video slot is extremely popular with players. It continues the journey that takes place in the trilogy’s other two games. This one got its name because it is set in a forest. Its fantasy theme is a huge hit within the industry. Graphics and Symbols The background behind the reels contains a dark and creepy looking forest, featuring grass, rocks and a pond. On the reels are forest animals such as panthers, owls, tigers and bears. Three female warrior characters fill other positions on the reels. One warrior is a

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The Golden City

The Golden City is an online slot with an Aztec theme. It is set in ancient times and portrays an Aztec civilization. The game takes a serious theme and makes it more appealing to players. Graphics & Symbols This game takes place in a lush, green jungle. On either side of the reels players see animated statues that occasionally blink. Greenery is wrapped around the statues as well. On the reels, the symbols stand out. Gemstones and faces carved into wood are two of the most prominent symbols. They are brightly colored, drawing players’ eyes straight to the reels. The

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