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Myth of Medusa

Myth of Medusa Myth of Medusa is an online slot machine based on the character. Its dark overtones attract players who aren’t necessarily impressed by cheery, flashy slots. Graphics & Symbols Behind the reels players see columned buildings made of marble. Gorgon watches over the reels as they spin. On the reels players will see two winged horses, and a vase and warrior’s helmet from ancient times. A mirror is the scatter symbol and Medusa is the wild. There is also the bonus Perseus symbol in the game that can reward players with a cash award that could equal double

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Riders of the Storm

Riders of the Storm Slot Game Review For a steampunk themed online video slot, Riders of the Storm is the ideal game. It is packed full of the features that slot machine players are the most interested in. Keeping true to the theme, this game appeals to players who may not enjoy other slots. Graphics & Symbols The well done graphics and symbols used in this game have a dark overtone that lends itself well to the theme. The background shows a cloudy, stormy night, complete with lightning bolts. On either side of the reels is a glowing lantern. Filling

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Slot Review Based on the popularity of the show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, inspired its very own online video slot machine. Those who have watched the show will recognise the lines spoken in the game. These include video clips to make the experience even more immersive. The only question is, do players need to be fans of the show in order to enjoy the game? Graphics & Symbols Anyone that watched CSI knows it is set in Las Vegas. The game stays true to this, as players will see the Strip lit up at night as

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Wild Rails

Wild Rails Slot Game Wild Rails is far from the typical video slot machine game. It is different than what players are used to. Rather than the symbols falling from above, they come in from the side. The symbols travel across the screen and the reels are shaped like train tracks. Graphics & Symbols Beyond the reels players see a blue sky and brown cliffs. A train tunnel flanks both sides of the reels. This is the background scene players see. On the reels, the symbols include some of the train’s passengers, as well as a golden train carriage, which

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Hugo’s Adventure

Hugo's Adventure Slot Game Review Swedish TV viewers may remember a colorful cartoon character named Hugo. The popularity of the show led to the creation of a series of online slot machine games with Hugo as the main character. The fourth release in the series is Hugo’s Adventure. This title has more to offer than its three successors. It follows the antics of Hugo and his animal friends. Graphics & Symbols All of the animation in this game was done in cartoon style, as homage to the TV show that inspired it. It takes place on Hugo’s submarine, which he

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