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Queen of the Crystal Rays

Queen of the Crystal Rays is an adventurous online slot machine. This online video slot is set in the queen’s forgotten temple. It brings players into the life of a queen and immerses them in an intriguing fantasy world. Before the game begins, players will see a brief video that explains its premise. During gameplay, players will hear a theme induced music soundtrack. Graphics & Symbols The queen’s temple holds the all important reels. While the temple is dark, it includes blue lights that glow to illuminate the background. On the reels, players will see theme specific symbols such as

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Flower Fortunes Megaways

Flowers are effective at cheering most people up. So when players need a mood boost, the Flower Fortunes Megaways online slot may be the answer. The game is different enough from most other slots to stand out in a crowd. Graphics and Symbols A hybrid of video games and slots, Flower Fortunes looks a lot different than what players expect. The background is a calm looking valley Scattered throughout the valley are glowing yellowish-orange flowers. Next to the reels players will see an exceptionally tall flower stem. This becomes important during gameplay. The symbols seen on the reels are stones

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Dragon Shard

Medieval themed slot machines are a dime a dozen. Yet Microgaming managed to grab players’ attention with the online slot Dragon Shard. Unlike most slots, this one adds classical music to serve as its soundtrack. Graphics and Symbols The graphics and symbols used in the game represent medieval times. The two high value symbols seen on the reels are the Ice King and Fire Queen. Other symbols seen on the reels include dragons owned by the Queen and King. The dragons become double stacked on the reels. While Dragon Eyes serve as the game’s scatter symbol, there is also a

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Reel Splitter

Reel Splitter is NetEnt’s attempt to bring back the classic 3 reel slot machines. However, it is making this type of slot appealing to a new generation of players. Modern elements are used to show players that 3 reel slots still have a place in the gambling industry. Graphics and Symbols Vivid fruit symbols are used on the reels. They include grapes, lemons, kiwi and cherries. While the word “wild” serves as the coveted bonus symbol, a trio of matching fruit symbols can also become wilds. Bonus Features Four matching symbols on the reels may lead to respins being triggered.

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Agent Jane Blonde Returns

After the roaring success of the first Agent Jane Blonde video slot, she returns for part two. Aptly called Agent Jane Blonde Returns, Microgaming brings players the sequel they’ve been waiting for. Graphics and Symbols There has been a marked improvement of the graphics between the original Jane Blonde game and its sequel. Where before she appeared as a standard image Returns sees her in all her HD glory. In Returns she’s got the ability to be a stacked wild. Though the original Agent Jane Blonde was portrayed using cartoon type graphics, Returns is the result of a huge upgrade.

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